Sculpture Concerning the Statue of David

The statue of David is the most popular statue in Italy which is an upright statue with a height of 4.3 meters. This statue is not an arbitrary statue because the statue of David is a depiction of a character in the Bible. This character named David is told as a murderer who grew bigger Goliath. This story has a deep meaning that faith will be able to overcome any big obstacle. This story has also become a popular story in the modern world about how a weak and underestimated person became a known and extraordinary person just by getting one success that might just be sheer luck.

This statue was made in 1464. In this year a project to make a large statue with a height of 4.3 meters was made. The material of the statue is marble which is very large and special because it has very few defects and tends to be perfect. This project was started by Agostino di Duccio then the project lasted for 10 years and continued by Antonio Rossellino in 1475. In the hands of the artist these two statues eventually became a project that was neglected for 25 years until finally someone who was genius and so great appeared in 1501 to continue this project. This man’s name was already very well known in the art world and today very few educated people did not know him.

The 26-year-old youth was Michelangelo who was the highest-paid artist at that time. This artist worked on a project that has been running for more than 30 years and completed it in more than 2 years. The result of the depiction of David in the hands of Michelangelo is different from the usual depiction of David in which David will pose to celebrate his victory over Goliath. Michelangelo challenged himself to come up with a creation with such incredible detail that one could immediately see that Michelangelo’s David was David preparing to battle goliath. The extraordinary results have made this statue still admired to this day.

This statue is located in a place called Plazza della Signoria. The position of this statue was not originally planned in this place. This statue was supposed to be part of the Cathedral of Florence but because of Michelangelo’s extraordinary work it had to be placed in a better position. 40 people involved in the work of the statue argued to place the statue in 9 different places. After a long debate this statue was then placed in a position adjacent to the entrance of Plazza Vecchio. It took 40 people to remove the statue from Michelangelo’s workplace. The transfer process took 4 days to arrive at the positions discussed. This statue replaces the bronze carving of Donatello with the theme of Judith and Holofernes.

Currently the statue of David is placed in a room at the Galeria dell’Academia to avoid damage caused by the weather. Until now, the statue of David is still part of art discussions held in various places around the world, especially art schools. There are several techniques and tricks used by Michelangelo in this work to emphasize the impression he wants to convey. Admiration and praise still flood this work and the statue of David is also considered one of Michelangelo’s finest works.

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