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Legendary Statues and Sculptures from Many Countries You Poker Games Player Have to Understand

Legendary Statues and Sculptures from Many Countries You Poker Games Player Have to Understand

Legendary Statues and Sculptures from Many Countries You Poker Games Player Have to Understand – Works of arts know no boundary. There are many great works of arts. Mostly, people may see paintings as the famous ones. However, there are also sculptures and there are many legendary sculptures all around the world. Sculptures are even created hundreds and even thousands years ago and it is as good as POKER GAMES. There are some legendary sculptures that really get attentions from art enthusiasts to historians. Some sculptures have name of its creator, but there are also some sculptures without name, and these are results of great civilization in the past. These are some of them.

Scultura-italiana – First, it is the sculpture made by Thutmose. The sculpture is named as Bust of Nefertiti, and it was made in 1345 BC. It is very old and it is more than just of art since it shows great history. Nefertiti in the sculpture was one of the famous Egyptian queens, yet it is believed that she was killed by Thutmose, the name of its sculptor. Thutmose himself was famous artist at that time in the court of Akhenaten. The sculpture was found in 1912 during excavation, and it was led by the Ludwig Borchardt from Germany. Now, the sculpture can be seen in Neues Museum in Berlin. Actually, officials of Egypt have requested Germany to return the sculpture since it is part of their ancient civilization and history, yet the sculpture never returns to its homeland.

Next, there are great sculptures found in Easter Island. It is gigantic sculpture, and actually there are more than 300 stone sculptures in the island. Until now, the sculptures still hide deep mysteries since no one knows the purposes of creating the gigantic sculpture. People only know that it is estimated that the stone sculptures were made in around 1100 to 1300. The sculptures show same shape, and they look like body of human, with torsos being buried in the ground. The sculptures are not excavated and displayed in the museums, but these are preserved in its original place in Easter Island. These surely something interesting to see since it may become parts of ancient community.

terracotta army in China

There is also similar case to the sculptures in Easter Island. It is the terracotta army in China. It is estimated that the sculptures of the army were made in 3rd century B.C. It was found in 1974 when farmers dug the land, and then they found clay figure. After that, bigger excavations were made, and the whole terracotta army were found in buried in the land. There were more than 8000 clay sculptures or statues. The clay armies were created to guard the China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang in his afterlife. The soldiers have different positions. There are also statues of horses among the soldiers. These are surely something interesting.

In Greece, there is famous marble sculpture. It is Aphrodite of Milos by Alexandros of Antioch. The sculpture is also named as Venus de Milo. The sculpture was made in 100, and it was made during the era of Hellenistic in Greece. Although it is named as Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love in Greek mythology, there are also assumptions saying that it is actually the statue of Amphitrite, the Goddess of Sea. She was the goddess worshipped by the people in Island of Melos. There are still mysteries about it, but one thing is sure that its sculpture style shows the canon of Western art.

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