Sculpture Reveals Controversy

A statue made to appreciate history will certainly be in accordance with what the statue maker thought. The depiction of situations and figures in history is important to make people who see the statue find a connection between the reason the statue was made and the message conveyed by the statue. Of course a work of art can be a trigger for different opinions. There are those who really like the statue and it is not uncommon for a work of art to be criticized and severely criticized because the impression it creates is thought to attack certain groups. This happened to a bronze statue made by Emanuelle Stifano.

This sculpture by Emanuelle Stifano is based on a poem by Luigi Mercantini entitled Spigolatirice de Sapri. This poem is about a woman who collects the leftovers left by the garden owner. The woman then left her village to join Carlo Pisacane’s expedition against the kingdom of Naples which ended in failure. For the sculptor this is an ordinary work of art and in accordance with his tendency to make sculptures that are usually not well covered by clothing.

This statue should be one of the attractions in the city of Sapri. The statue was inaugurated by former Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte. Unfortunately, after the inauguration of the statue, it received tremendous criticism from women’s groups who considered this statue to be sexist. This became a big controversy that came in several waves in various circles of society. This statue is a bronze statue depicting a woman in transparent clothes. There are many body parts visible in this work. The best quality and skill of the sculptor makes the beauty of the female curves displayed on the statue so striking that it might surprise some people to see it. However, this statue still covers important body parts and is far better than the works of Michelangelo or other artists who tend to ignore clothing completely.

All comments that come from female politicians point to the shape of the female body that is displayed prominently so that it is considered to satisfy the eyes of the men who see it. All opinions are directed at that opinion and the accusation of sexist is not only directed at the sculptor but also all the men in Italy. The sculptor himself felt that his work was not problematic. The description was judged to be suitable for the situation at that time . The statue is displayed with the head position as if looking back at the village he left behind and one hand on his chest as a depiction of efforts to protect honor. Any artist who chooses to view the work objectively will certainly see this statue as an excellent work.

This statue is located on the outskirts of the Sapri sea which is one of the busiest tourist areas. This controversy has attracted enough people to Sapri to see this statue in person. As it is located in a tourist area it is very easy to find a place to observe and enjoy this statue or even to take a group photo as a memento or for academic purposes so that this statue can be thoroughly debated under favorable conditions elsewhere. The statue will not be difficult to find because it is placed in a strategic position at the entrance to the beach area.

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