Interesting Facts About Popular Destinations In The United States

Talking about tourist destinations in the United States is definitely endless, because the country of Uncle Sam offers a variety of interesting destinations. If your time is limited in the United States, of course you will not be able to visit all the existing destinations. But don’t worry, this article will summarize the most popular destinations that you must visit. Not only a list of popular destinations, this article will also explore interesting facts about these destinations. Curious what the destination is? Let’s look at the following information:

  1. San Francisco: Educational and Art Tour
    Many tourists visit San Francisco simply for its Chinatown charm and architectural beauty. In fact, the city is home to world-class museums and galleries. If you want to visit educational and artistic tourism, of course San Francisco is the destination. Some of the famous museums in San Francisco are the San Francisco Railway Museum, the Museum of Craft and Design, the Asian Art Museum, and others.
  2. Hawaii: Sushi Heaven
    People think that Hawaii only has exotic beaches and authentic culture. In fact, you can make Hawaii a destination to enjoy various types of sushi. Because there you will find many sushi restaurants, and the most famous is Sushi Sho restaurant. To be able to enjoy sushi dishes at Sushi Sho restaurant, you have to queue and make a reservation for weeks. this is due to the large number of visitors who want to eat sushi with views of the exotic beaches of Hawaii.
  3. Las Vegas: World-Class Comedy and Music Shows
    Many tourists stereotype Las Vegas as a world-class gambling/casino city. In fact, Las Vegas is also home to many world-class comedy and music shows. Even on the first Friday of the week, Downtown is the center for local artists to gather to showcase a variety of contemporary artworks.
  4. New York: A Very Beautiful Green Open Space
    If you think of New York as a city full of skyscrapers, of course you are not wrong. However, behind the splendor of the building, New York saves a very suitable place to enjoy the sunset. South Brooklyn Park is a form of blending the magnificent landscape of New York City with shady trees under a very beautiful sky. Not only 1 park, there are still many other parks that you can visit in New York if you are tired of seeing the view of skyscrapers. For example, New York Botanical, here you will see various species of flora and fauna. And if you want to do jogging, cycling, or picnic activities, Fort Tyron Park is the choice.
  5. Los Angeles: Culinary Paradise
    Los Angeles is a popular destination for the United States because it is synonymous with Hollywood. In fact, Los Angeles also has a very interesting cultural and ethnic background. By taking a culinary trip in Los Angeles, you will experience various flavors of food, ranging from Chinese food, Korean food, and even Mexican food.
  6. Miami: Adventure Destination
    Miami is one of the most popular beach destinations in the United States. But behind the beauty of its beaches, Miami also has destinations that can spur your adrenaline. by walking through the swamps in The Evergaldes National Park using a speed airbot, you will be presented with a very exotic wild landscape.
    Those are some interesting facts about popular destinations in the United States that not many tourists know about.

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