Getting to Know More About Italian Culture

When visiting a new country, you not only have to master the language, you also have to learn about the culture of that country. Learning the local language aims to make it easier for you to communicate, for example when shopping and asking for addresses. And the purpose of studying culture, so that you are not awkward when interacting with the local community. This article summarizes 5 characteristics of Italian culture, including:

  1. Greetings
    Generally, someone who is just getting to know each other will shake hands and make eye contact. However, if you already have a relationship, people usually greet you by kissing the right and left cheeks. However, there is a characteristic when you interact with Italians, namely hand gestures that stand out. Italians will look more expressive when you greet them.
  2. Dress style
    Italians are very concerned about the style of dress, and become an important aspect of themselves. When visiting Italy, try not to wear clothes with torn models. Because you will be seen as strange by the local people. Because destinations in Italy are dominated by religious and church sites, make sure you wear a shirt with sleeves and pants/skirts below the knee. According to the local people, historical sites and churches are sacred places, so people who visit should dress modestly. In addition, when in Italy, never use flip-flops except on the beach.
  3. Eating etiquette
    In Italy, proper eating etiquette is to place your hands on the table during a meal, not on your lap. And when inviting someone to eat in a restaurant, the person who has to pay is the person who invited. In Italy, punctuality is not important, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait longer, even 15-20 minutes from the appointed time. Not only that, if there is a bread dish, it is not used as an appetizer, but is used to wipe away the sauce that is still on your plate.
  4. Business ethics
    When a party or a meal together, maybe the punctuality is not too concerned. However, unlike business meetings, they will pay close attention to punctuality. For online gambling businesses such as slot online, they still have to use ethics, because in Italy only a few places have permits that are allowed to operate in order to maintain security. Do not make a meeting in August, because many companies and employees are off that month.
  5. Visiting etiquette
    When intending to visit your Italian friend’s house, try to arrive 15-20 minutes late, so that the host can prepare a meal for his guest. And don’t forget, try to bring souvenirs such as flowers, chocolates, or cakes.

Very interesting Italian culture huh? Not only is the culture interesting, the robustness of the buildings there is also very charming. Like the Pantheon, which was built in 126 AD and is still standing strong, it is even the most powerful dome in the world. Not only the pantheon, the Tower of Pisa which was built in 1173 AD also attracted the attention of the world. Even though it’s been hundreds of years, this building is still strong. Because of this uniqueness, the Italian tower of pisa bears the title as a world heritage site from UNESCO. The construction of this tower took 200 years, and was built in an upright position. However, due to accidental elements and soil structure factors, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is 5 meters from its original position. Until now, this one world heritage site is still the main destination for foreign tourists. Due to its unique sloping building and sturdiness, the Italian tower of pisa has become the most popular destination in Italy.

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