A series of unique facts about the Italian city of Rome that not many people know about

Italian city of Rome

Nicknamed the city of gladiators, Rome is known as the oldest city that holds a lot of history. Many foreign tourists are interested in visiting Rome, Italy to witness the beauty of the old buildings that are still strong today. Not only buildings and landmarks that are the main attraction, the City of Rome in Italy also saves a number of unique facts. What do you think makes this gladiator city unique? let’s see more:

  1. Trevi fountain pool earns 3000 euros per day
    Trevi fountain pool is unique, visited by tourists who want to toss a coin. Because it is believed that tossing a coin will bring happiness. So many tourists who throw coins, every day collected up to 3000 euros. The coins are taken by local officials and donated to the needy.
  2. Has hundreds of fountains and churches
    Not only for its unique tradition of throwing coins into fountains, Rome Italy is also famous for having hundreds of fountains and magnificent churches. Recorded to date there are 280 fountains and more than 900 churches stand majestically.
  3. Has the strongest dome
    The dome of the pantheon is an old building that has been around for thousands of years. But until now the dome is still standing strong even without reinforcement. Because of its sturdiness, the pantheon is called the strongest and largest dome in the world.
  4. Has the smallest country in the world
    You know the smallest country in the world? The Vatican is the smallest country in the world located on the European continent, precisely in Rome, Italy.
  5. The secret passage connecting Italy and the Vatican
    In the past, when the bishop was threatened for his safety, he would save himself through the link between Italy and the Vatican. This road is named “passeto di borgo”, in the form of a fairly long tunnel.
  6. The world’s first shopping mall
    The Italian city of Rome seems worthy of being called a historical city, because there are many civilizations starting from here. In fact, the first shopping center in the world is also in Italy. The Roman emperor who built the “Trajan market”, and the ancient building is still standing today.
  7. Drinking fountain
    While in Rome, Italy, you don’t need to be confused looking for drinking water when you are thirsty. The reason is, every fountain that is there the water can be consumed.
  8. Cat rights
    The Italian city of Rome has a statute that describes the rights of cats. So, don’t be surprised if there are lots of cats roaming around, even in tourist spots.
  9. The female wolf symbol
    The Italian city of Rome has the symbol of the she-wolf or she-wolf. The emblem depicts a she-wolf who takes care of Romulus and Remus. The 2 people are believed by the local community as the figure who built Rome.
  10. There are 90% of historical inscriptions have not been revealed
    We know that Rome Italy has a lot of historical destinations, but in fact there are still many inscriptions that have not been excavated. Scientists predict that there are about 90% of historical inscriptions that have not been excavated.
  11. Can’t drink cappuccino
    Italian society has a unique tradition, which is not to drink cappuccino after 11 pm or when finished eating.
    Those are some of the unique things about Rome, Italy, which is known as a city full of history. Interesting huh? Enter the City of Rome, Italy in your list of destinations this year.

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